The Marie Liens Scholarship is offered each year, to children from families with limited finances, attending Catholic elementary or high school.  The fund was established from the proceeds of the sale of a home by Marie, who wanted to leave a legacy to support the children of families who are financially challenged. This seed may help a child get a Catholic education and assist to build a future based on faith and knowledge of God.

District Presidents should follow the steps below to complete the nomination process:
  1. The conferences in a district make recommendations (nominations) to the District President for worthy potential recipients. (presumably based on conversations and written recommendations from and with the potential recipients school) 

  2. The District President then chooses one or more recipients for that district.

  3. Once the person(s) are determined by the district president, he/she lets the diocesan treasurer know who will receive the scholarship. 

  4. Note that if the District President chooses more than one recipient he/she must figure out how to finance the multiple scholarship, since the diocesan treasury will only support one.

  5. The Diocesan Treasurer then sends a check for one scholarship to the district president or his/her delegate (presumably the district treasurer.)

  6. If there are multiple scholarships the District President then must add the proper funds to finance them.

  7. The District President then administers the scholarship (or delegates that privilege to the conference president who nominated the winning candidate) by providing a check in the name of the recipient to the school which the recipient will be attending in the fall.